Lens Technology: Polarized Lenses

Polarized  lenses have a molecular structure which gives it  the ability to reduce glare. Glare is light reflected and scattered off of a surface that is brighter than the surrounding light.  Glare can decrease our capability to see clearly and can cause visual discomfort.

Polarized sun glass lenses are designed to filter reflected light in order to reduce glare from horizontal surfaces. Veiling glare from the hood of a car, a dashboard, reflection off of snow, or the surface of water can be reduced or eliminated. For this reason they are helpful for driving and sports.

The benefit of polarized sunglasses versus non-polarized sunglasses are:

  • Reduces surface reflections and glare,
  • Perception of seeing things clearer,
  • Improves visual comfort, and
  • Reduces squinting and eye fatigue.

Keep in mind, that not all polarized lenses are the same. Lenses differ by their capability to reduce glare.  That could explain why an inexpensive set of polarized sunglasses do not seem to work as well as a higher quality pair.IMG_0860

Those with eye disease should wear protective sun wear to reduce exposure to harmful UV light.  Polarized lenses are an add-on feature beneficial to those with low vision to reduce light scatter in order to optimize vision.IMG_0863

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