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Electronic Low Vision Aids:

Video Magnifiers and CCTVs

Video magnifiers and CCTvs vary in size, but are basically a camera, a screen to view what the camera ‘sees’, and a light source. The size will determine its usefulness for various reading tasks.  While most video magnifiers are hand-held and portable, most CCTV units requires its own space on a desktop. 

Both have some of the same features:

  • More than one magnifying level;
  • True color mode is seeing the colors on the screen as they appear on the page;
  • Inverse mode is the capability to reverse print to white on a black background; and
  • Other color modes, such as yellow print on either a blue or black background, or the reverse which would be blue or black print on a yellow background.

Those are the similarities. Here are the differences: Continue reading Electronic Low Vision Aids: