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Sunglass Technology: Putting It All Together

If you have read the other posts on Lens Technology, what you may have realized is that sunglasses are more than a tint used to decrease the amount of sunlight that gets to your eye.  While visual comfort is important, sunglasses are also about protection and optimizing visual function. It is not just about how much light is transmitted through the lens, but how the lens performs. Ideally, they should enhance vision. Here’s how: Continue reading Sunglass Technology: Putting It All Together

Eyeglass Technology: Lens Materials

You think that it should be simple: aren’t all eyeglass lenses clear plastic: Most are, but there are several types of plastic, each with features that differentiate them by how they function.   There are also glass lenses, which are only occasionally a first choice.

Once the eye doctor has written up a prescription for eyeglasses and you are sitting in front of the optician, he or she will begin asking you questions about lens-type preferences. The optician will often give suggestions as to the best lens material for you based on the prescription. They will usually educate the consumer as to the features that will be beneficial.  Here are the basic types of lens materials: Continue reading Eyeglass Technology: Lens Materials