Optometrist and Author of Insight into Low Vision

I am a doctor of Optometry, who has 30 years of experience.   I have observed long-time patients who have lost vision and have witnessed their struggles.  My interest in low vision arises from my desire to help them maintain a life of normalcy.  Much of how someone deals with vision loss is the resources and support available to them. 
The book I have written “Insight into Low Vision” and this website evolved from the questions both my patients and I had about life after vision loss. My hope is to answer their questions and help them to adjust and adapt to a new chapter in their life. Terri Cyr OD

Life with Vision Loss

One foot in the sighted world,

one foot in the blind.

We live with a disability,

but are still able.

We are impaired,

but are still whole.

The rules are made by the fully sighted,

and by those rules we are defined.

We are not less than others,

but are better for meeting the challenge.

We learn to accept,

in order to move forward.

We learn to adjust and adapt,

to live a life fulfilled. TC



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