How Do Visually Impaired People Work?

Individuals who are visually impaired can work in a wide variety of jobs.  Workplace technology can be expanded to incorporate assistive features that enable low vision employees to accomplish  tasks comparable to their fully sighted co-workers. Advances in technology, laws that protect the disabled from discrimination, and public education about

Vision Loss and Visual Disturbances: Phenomena that May be Experienced by those with Low Vision

Photopsia Hallucinations of Charles Bonnet Syndrome Double vision Distortions Halos and Starburst patterns around lights 1.  Photopsia This phenomenon varies from a flash of light to moving patterns of light.  These lights appear randomly with no other visual associations.  It can occur in one eye or both eyes. They have

How Vision Loss Affects the Social, Emotional, and Practical Aspects of Life

Vision loss changes your independence, self-perception, relationships, communication, economic status, expectations and goals.  Activities once accomplished with ease, now are more difficult and take longer. How Vision Loss Affects Independence Loss of independence takes two forms: an inability to do tasks of daily living without assistance and loss of mobility.