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Find resources: Find an Eye Doctor, Find a Low Vision Specialist, Rehabilitation Services, Financial Help, and Internet Accessibility for the Visually Impaired and Website Designers.

Find an Eye Doctor:

American Optometric Association via the Bright Focus website: Select zip code to search. in a new tab.

American Academy of Ophthalmologists, The Eye MD  Association in a new tab.

WebMD  website, Find a Doctor, Physicians Directory    You can find eye care groups and MD’s by specialty in a new tab.

Find A Doctor website in a new tab.     Optometrists and Ophthalmologists can be found by city or zip code. 

Find a Low Vision Specialist

*The Vision Council Opens in a new tab. You can type in a zip code or address, the distance you are willing to travel (radius), and a map and names of specialists will appear.

* National Council of State Agencies for the Blind     NCSAB Directory
This is a very easy access to the contact information of your state’s department for low vision services / rehabilitation serves.  Just click on your state’s two letter abbreviation and the listing comes up.

Rehabilitation Services

* American Optometric Association via the Bright Focus website, www.brightfocus.orgOpens in a new tab..

 Find an Optometrist.  Select for Rehabilitation services (at the bottom), for a selected zip code.

* Lions Club

Lions Clubs are community-based, volunteer service organizations.  The Lions are Helen Keller’s “Knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness.”  The Lions Clubs have  numerous programs in support of vision, hearing, heath, and youth services.  Individual clubs may vary in their focus.  There are Lions Club Low Vision Centers and low vision centers supported by the Lions, which offer education and rehabilitative services.  Check with your local Lions Club or check the previously mentioned AFB Directory of Services webpage for your state.

Financial Help

*  Your Path to Government Benefits‎Opens in a new tab.

This website has a questionnaire format calculator to guide you in determining if you are eligible for government benefits.  There is an easy to follow questionnaire.

* Social Security Administration in a new tab.

This website has a Benefits Eligibility Tool if you are thinking about applying for Social Security benefits.  This site  has information on applying for benefits and the forms needed.  There are also phone numbers to call to apply. 

* EyeCare America    On line referral webpage:‎Opens in a new tab.

EyeCare America is the public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmologists.  This is the online referral site for free eye exams by volunteers. There is an online questionnaire to determine eligibility.

* Optometry Cares;  The AOA Foundation in a new tab./‎  >>Vision USA

Optometry Cares Foundation.  Through the foundation those who qualify as low-income can get free eye exams.  In order to access Vision USA services, an online application must be submitted on your behalf by a social worker, charitable organization, or agency.

* New Eyes for the Needy in a new tab.>>Apply for a Voucher

This is a national organization that is able to help  low-income individuals get free eyeglasses.  The applicant must have a recent eyeglass prescription.  A voucher must be applied for on your behalf by a social services agency or a school nurse.  The voucher can then be used on New Eyes’ online eyeglasses dispenser at neweyesglasses.orgOpens in a new tab..  The organization does not help with eye examinations. 

*OneSight Opens in a new tab. Opens in a new a an independent nonprofit committed to eradicating the global vision care crisis. The following is from their website:

Through OneSight’s OnSite Voucher Program, eligible patients can receive glasses free of charge. The patient should:

  1. Have their visual and financial need verified by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (such as a school, church, Lions Club, Prevent Blindness, Red Cross, or United Way).
  2. Obtain a referral letter from the nonprofit (letter should be on company letterhead and include the Tax ID# for the nonprofit).
  3. Take the referral letter issued by the nonprofit as well as a valid prescription to a participating Luxottica Retail Location (LensCraftersOpens in a new tab.Target OpticalOpens in a new tab.Sears OpticalOpens in a new tab. or Pearle VisionOpens in a new tab. corporate store) to receive a pair of glasses at no charge.
  4. If the patient does not already have a valid prescription (one that is less than 2 years old) he or she can ask if the onsite doctor at the optical retailer is able to donate an eye exam or they can reach out to Prevent BlindnessOpens in a new tab. for assistance.

Internet Accessibility for the Visually Impaired and Website Designers

My Vision dot orgOpens in a new tab. Improve Internet Accessibility for Individuals with Impaired Vision

For Students with Disabilities

* Intelligent College Planning Guide for Students with Learning DisabilitiesOpens in a new tab.

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