Website Access

Using the Controller for font size and screen appearance

Small square accessibility button
Accessibility button, located on the upper right side of page

Tap this CONTROLLER BUTTON to open up the accessibility toolbar:

image of toolbar accessibility options

The First and second options are: INCREASE TEXT and DECREASE TEXT. tap on these options, several times, to reach desired print size:

Next is GREY SCALE, which changes the page to black, white and grey, even the images:

Next in line is HIGH CONTRAST Blue print on a black background, the images maintain their original color.

or NEGATIVE CONTRAST, which is yellow print on black:

LIGHT BACKGROUND gets rid of any shading.

LINKS UNDERLINE is self explanatory. Helps you identify links to easily connect to additional information.

Next is my favorite, and the most useful: READABLE FONT:

Notice in the above image the font appears “fine.” When READABLE FONT is tapped, the font is bolder and easier to read:

Finally, if you don’t like the changes you made, the RESET button is the last on the column!

I hope this helps. TC

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