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Eye Vitamins: The Carotenoids

Vitamin A, Beta-carotene, Lutein, and Zeaxanthin

The category of  vitamin carotenoids is a vast group of biochemicals essential for biological function of immunity, cardiovascular health, cancer prevention, and vision.  We are concerned here only with the 4 known to be vital for the eye health and functioning. Those are bera-carotene, vitamin A (retinol), lutein, and zeaxanthin. Continue reading Eye Vitamins: The Carotenoids

Low Vision and Eye Vitamins

Those diagnosed with degenerative, hereditary, and progressive eye disease are looking for something or anything to help slow or halt the progression of their disease. Since the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) there has been an increase in the number of supplements labeled as “eye vitamins.” Interestingly, there are many different combinations of supplements. Some are labeled AREDS 2, indicating that the formula is similar to the study formula, others are labeled more obscurely like: Eye vitamins Plus, Premium, Gold, Maxi, Lutein, etc. If you flip the box over, and get a magnifier, you can read the names of the supplements’ and their dosages.  It is confusing at best. Continue reading Low Vision and Eye Vitamins

Sunglass Technology: Putting It All Together

If you have read the other posts on Lens Technology, what you may have realized is that sunglasses are more than a tint used to decrease the amount of sunlight that gets to your eye.  While visual comfort is important, sunglasses are also about protection and optimizing visual function. It is not just about how much light is transmitted through the lens, but how the lens performs. Ideally, they should enhance vision. Here’s how: Continue reading Sunglass Technology: Putting It All Together