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Eyeglasses Used for Magnification

Adapting to low vision should start with a comprehensive eye examination to optimize your vision with the best eyeglass prescription. This prescription is for distance and near viewing. What defines those with low vision is that even with the best prescription, they are unable to get perfect vision.  More is needed. Continue reading Eyeglasses Used for Magnification

Low Vision Aids for the Visually Impaired

Browse any of the internet sites, like Amazon or  Independent Living, Aids and you will see a vast array of devices called ‘low vision aids.’   Low vision aids can be anything from bold lined paper to the desktop CCTV (closed circuit television).

Simplified, the low vision aids can be divided into 3 basic  categories:

  1. Objects modified for use by the visually impaired;
  2. Optical devices; and
  3. Electronic technology.

Continue reading Low Vision Aids for the Visually Impaired

Introduction to Assistive Technology for Low Vision

Familiar to us is the term low vision aides.  Most commonly this term is associated with high powered eyeglasses and magnifiers.  Assistive technology refers to  low vision aids, both high tech and low tech. They are devices and products designed to level the playing field for those with visual impairments. With assistive technology, students can keep up with their classmates and move efficiently through the higher levels of education.  The working visually impaired can maintain employment with the right assistive technology in place. When we are not working or going to school, assistive technology helps with activities of daily living. It keeps the visually impaired active, engaged, and independent. Continue reading Introduction to Assistive Technology for Low Vision